Video Production Team:
Director: Marc Donahue –
Bullet-time action of breakdancers, gymnasts and parkour athletes. The crew True Movement shows off their skills while PermaGrinFilms captures the epic performance with a 20 camera GoPro Array and a Red Epic at San Diego United Training Center. The athletes soar high in the air using an AirTrack Mat. The foam pit seems angry, spitting blocks at the athletes as they tumble through the air.

Athletes: Bboys: Nico Aguilar, Anthony Onevathana. Gymnasts: Danny Gram, Matthew Cassidy, Charlie Tamayo. Parkour: Daniel Osbahr, Matt Hadley, Cevriye Hurd.
Assistants: Kyle Garret, Andy Mcqueen, Rob Boscacci, George Deugan, Alex Noble, Chris Tucker, Martin Sarabia, Orion Owens, Victor Belanich, Dante Rios, Casey Parker, Roth Rind, Briahn Vidane.

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