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Big thanks to Contagious for bringing me on for this project!
We have some exciting projects coming up soon that we are partnered on so stay tuned!
Check out their stuff at
Business email:

Also Ronnie Shalvis is the Parkour future! This guys was such a nice person, and didn’t complain no matter what we threw at him! We will be doing many more things together, so check out his channel!!

Big thanks to the City of Provo and Provo Police Department for their support and assistance with this project!

Parkour Athlete: Ronnie Shalvis

BTS shot by Zeb Jackson

Directed By:
Chris Jordan & Cameron Manwaring

Production by:
SkyCandy Aerial Cinema

Drone Pilot / Owner / Operator
Chris Jordan

Camera Operators
Bryan Kendrick, Chris Jordan

Freefly Movi Runners:
Bryan Kendrick Bryce Jurgensmeier, Cameron Manwaring

Edit by: Joel Bergvall

VFX: Zeb Jackson

Onsite Security:
Kyle Coats, Bryce Jurgensmeier

Business Contact:
CJ [at]

— Flying a drone is very dangerous, and should only be done within the boundaries set, and approved locations. Our custom drone weighs over 30 lbs and takes years of experience.

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