Fergus is living the #vanlife dream. He surfs, he skates, he doesn’t answer to nobody… but for how long can he keep rolling? Crayfish Films go behind the scenes to meet one of the original vanlifers.

This is the full length version which premiered at the London Surf Film Festival.
*Winner of the ‘SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL’ award – London Surf Film Festival 2013* 🙂
@crayfishfilms – Thanks for the support!

Starring: Fergus O Donnell, Mark Fountain, Dan Kinsman
Direction, Camera, Edit: Rob Lockyear, Jeremy Joyce, Rich Pearn
Aerial Camera: Tom Wadsworth & Marcus Shirley @ Aerobotix
Additional Camera: Mark Glendinning @ Supersaturated
Sound Mixing: Lawrence Kendrick
Original Music ‘Vanlife Theme’ & Final Song – Craig Johnson & Greg Birkumshaw
Tracks: ‘Harder to Discover’ & ‘Time To Be Taken’ by Rory Nunn
‘Stratofortress’ by Gonga

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  • Clyde Albanese 4 years ago

    Nice short film with an interesting view on van life

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