Hanksy Presents: Surplus Candy

A Film by No Your City
Directed & Shot by Nicolas Heller
Edited by Elan Alexenberg

Featuring the work of: Hanksy, Col Wallnuts, Elle, Royce Bannon, Russell King, Tony Depew, Foxxface, CB23, Alice Mizrachi/AM, Trap, Dick Mama, Cosbe, Tone Tank, Icy and Sot, ASVP, El Sol 25, NDA, Lunar New Year, Mata Ruda, Bishop203, GILF!, Sonni, Magda Love, Wretched Beast, Moustache Man, Nicolas Holibar, Mrs. Big Stuff, UR New York, Edapt, BD White, Enzo and Nio, Mr. Two Three, Mr. Toll, Elizabeth Glaessner, Cernesto, Left Handed Wave, Wizard Skull, Dee Dee, Vulpes Vulpes, Tako, Drippings.

Music: “Lost Weekend” by The So-So Glos





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  • Definitely some amazing artwork and killer shots to capture this film… wish I could’ve seen this in person.

  • Awesome artwork it`s a shame Surplus Candy is going to be demolished. It`s inspiring.

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