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How Evolution Works

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The mechanisms of evolution explained in one video. The theory of evolution explains how the enormous variety of life could come into existence. How it is possible for primitive life forms to spawn the millions of ...


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Most of us have had a heightened and radical experience where time slows down, specific details are enhanced, and self vanishes - what some top athletes describe as being "in the zone." In these amplified moments of c...

3D Printers Build Houses In Under A Day!

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Scientists claim to have developed a revolutionary new giant 3D concrete printer that can build a 2,500-square-foot house in just 24 hours.

Countdown Begins for Encounter with Pluto

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Eight years after it left Earth, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is approaching Pluto. The encounter begins less than a year from now. Visit for more.  

The Gulf Stream & Climate Change

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Learn about the role of the sea in global warming. The global conveyer belt is part of the large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by differences in the density of the waters. It plays a key role in keeping th...

The History and Future of Everything – Time

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How much time do you have left? Time makes sense in small pieces. But when you look at huge stretches of time, it's almost impossible to wrap your head around things. So we teamed up with the awesome blog "Wait but...

Exoplanets: Are There Other Earths?

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Is Earth the only living needle in this haystack of planets? We live in one of a hundred billion of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars. And now, thanks to modern astronomy, we know that the Milky Way...

The ISS Image Frontier – “Making the invisible visible”

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This is a NEW, 25 Minute Version of "The Image Frontier - Making the Invisible Visible", with previously unseen footage and lots of new scenes! (for the Version with German Subtitle go here: ...

Mauna Kea Heavens Timelapse

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Timelapse of the observatories atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The summit is at an altitude of nearly 14,000 ft and is the premiere site for astronomy in the Northern Hemisphere. As an astronomy graduate student at the ...

The Future of Design

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SpaceX is exploring methods for engineers to accelerate their workflow by designing more directly in 3D. We are integrating breakthroughs in sensor and visualization technologies to view and modify designs more natura...

Explore the Galapagos Islands with Google Maps

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See the full behind-the-scenes experience: In partnership with the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park, The Charles Darwin Foundation, and Catlin Seaview Survey, we traveled to the archi...

The Human Heat Powered Flashlight

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Grade 10 student Ann Makosinski took second place overall at the Vancouver Island Science Fair with her project, the hollow flashlight, which runs on the heat from a human hand. She will be bringing the unique design ...

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